Secret Cent Helpful Tips


**Helpful Tips**

Leaving treats for office staff:

If you would like to discreetly drop off your cards/gifts for the office staff, here are a couple of suggestions:
1.  At drop off, ask another parent or student if they would anonymously drop off your gift at the front desk.
2.  If you are at the school anyway, sneak your treat into a bag and just drop it off in the mailroom.  Make sure you prominently mark your gift with your Secret Cent’s name.

Suggestions of small gestures for your Secret Cent:

  • Handwritten note of appreciation
  • Books!  Especially those with a little dedication written inside.
  • Donating an item in your Secret Cents’ name is thoughtful.
  • Drawings/pictures or other crafts made by students
  • Delicious homemade goods
  • Flowers, fruit or vegetables from your garden
  • Handmade gift
  • Personalized gifts
  • Written letter from Mr. Olivero praising teacher/staff for their efforts

University City High School