Holiday Teacher/Staff Appreciation Breakfast

On December 15th, a wonderful time was had by all during a wintry morning (as much as can be in San Diego) with a breakfast to win the day! Our PTSA lead Jenny Goodman with the help of Meredith Kennedy and a few other PTSA ‘elves’ prepared a meal with an assortment of choices for the many teachers and staff. Thanks go out to all those who either donated items, prepared items, or put them out in a timely and orderly fashion. Thanks also goes to the staff members who helped bring the tables, set up the cover, and gave PTSA members access to the materials needed for it to be a success.

Last, but not least, thank you to all the PTSA members – your membership allows us to show our appreciation for the teachers’/staff’s efforts in educating the next generation.

Here is a message from teachers/staff to all PTSA members…