Senior Grad Party 2021

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2021 Senior Grad Party – FAQ

What is Senior Grad Party?

Senior Grad Party is the annual all-night party in the UCHS gymnasium for seniors on the night of their graduation.  The event, now in its 30th year, will celebrate the success of the Class of 2021 before they step out into the world.  Senior Grad Party is a fun, safe, chaperoned drug and alcohol-free extravaganza with music, dancing, food, entertainment, games and prizes. It is anticipated that the graduating Centurions will leave the party with a lifetime of wonderful memories, plus some pretty cool prizes and mementos.

Is this the same as Disney Grad Nite?

No.  Senior Grad Party is given by University City High School parents and occurs in the UCHS gym, not at Disneyland.   Tickets for Disney Grad Nite will be sold separately at a date to be determined (and will be much more expensive). 

Is this a “Lock-In” event?

No.  Seniors may leave the party early if they wish, but may not reenter the party once they have left. 

What’s in it for the students?

  • EVERY graduate has a celebration to attend on graduation night.
  • Because the celebration is alcohol and drug-free, no one is under pressure to drink or use drugs.
  • There are many chances to win prizes.
  • Students will look back on this celebration as a very special night to remember.
  • There’s no pressure to have a date.
  • All graduates are together to celebrate as a class, perhaps for the last time ever.

What’s in it for the parents?

  • Parents know their children won’t have access to alcohol or drugs at this event.
  • Parents know their children will not be driving drunk or drugged, riding as passengers with a drunk or drugged driver, or be on the road where an accident might occur.
  • Parents know their children will be in a safe, no-pressure environment as a final celebration of their high school years.

What’s in it for our community?

  • Because the graduating seniors won’t have access to alcohol or drugs at this event, this event keeps our children safe.
  • The graduates will not be driving drunk or drugged, riding as passengers with a drunk or drugged driver, or be on the road where an accident might occur, potentially affecting anyone on the road.  From 9pm to 3am, they will be safely inside the school gym.
  • The graduates not only will be in a safe place, it is no-pressure environment, meaning no peer pressure to do pranks or vandalize the neighborhood.  They will be dancing, playing arcade games, dressing up, jumping on a jumpy, and so much more as their final celebration of their high school years!

When is Senior Grad Party?

June 15th 2021 9pm – 3am

The evening of graduation day.

How do I buy a ticket?

Please click HERE for the permission form that must be filled out in full and signed by both a parent and the student. When BOTH, the completed form AND payment are received, you have a ticket. Forms and payment with check may be mailed to school (attention Senior Grad Party), or drop off form and payment in the Senior Grad Party mailbox inside the Attendance Office. For online payment, see the links at the top of this page.


Price is

  • $60 with 20/21 school registration up to Sept 4, 2020
  • $80 Sept 5, 2020 till March 26, 2021
  • $100 March 27, 2021 till June 13, 2021
  • $120 the day of the event (June 15, 2021) at the door
  • For free and reduced lunch students — $40 till June 13-2021 and $80 at the door


Did I already buy a ticket? Who else is going?

To see the most recent updated attendance list. Check out this link:

ATTENDANCE LIST {New link coming soon!}

Class of 2021, Join the party!  



What can you do to help?

Parents — We need volunteers.  This event cannot go on without the participation of dozens of parents. 


Also, the price of tickets do not cover the price of the event, so we must fund raise.  If you have a skill you are willing to share, please consider volunteering.  We need artistic people, organized people, event planners, fundraisers, anyone willing to get involved so the event can be a success.  And the best part yet, you will make friends with other parent volunteers!

Students — Tell your friends!  We know that you’ve heard of Senior Grad Party. Those upperclassmen who graduated before you told you about it and it really is as fun as they say!  So buy a ticket and tell your friends to buy a ticket too.  You won’t regret it!

Community — Please come volunteer too  We depend on parents and community members from years past to help set up and take down the event.  Also, we depend on community members to donate, because the reasonably priced tickets do not cover the cost of the event.  Please click on the DONATE button on the left hand side of this page to make a donation right now.  Or feel free to send us a check made out to UCHS PTSA and mail it to the school.

How do I contact Senior Grad Party committee volunteers?


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